About Us

"They are like sisters yet they work together!" Someone said this to us and it made us laugh. As the statement sunk in I realized that it really is true. We take care of each other, squabble with each other, challenge each other, and create images that make your heart go "aaaaawwweeee". There is something so exciting and thrilling about putting our talents together to create a wonderful experience and gorgeous images for our clients. Enjoy our website; there are precious moments here that mean the world to the families we serve.  Cheers, Rebecca



"How does she do it all?" Is what I'm always asking myself about Meghann. Where does she get her strength? Where does she get her wildly creative ideas? Where does she get her mad parenting skills? She is grace under pressure and as big hearted as they come.  I am 10 years Meghann's senior, but she is teaching me every day. That's Meghann.  

She did her first family photo session at age 15 with her family of 11 (yes, 11, not a typo) using film.  Okay, technically that isn't true.  At age 10 she did class head shots for her home schooled siblings in their living room with the American flag as a backdrop (even then a creative little genius). Her high school graduation present was her first film SLR camera. It's been a love affair with the lens ever since! 

Her knack for family photography and creating great sets and scenery grew as she nannied for families, and eventually had her own family. Did I mention she has 5 kiddos of her own...yes 5! Her art captures the sensitivity of family relationships and the wonder of our littles growing up. What is important to Meghann is capturing the twinkle in the eye, the love of family, and the fun of being together. She is able to make everyone feel at home in front of the camera, from toddlers going through stranger anxiety to teen boys who typically hate having their picture taken. Enjoy your precious families, and let us help you catch this moment in your family's lives.  - Meghann


I have to confess that Meghann and I met through Facebook. I am a twin mom, as is Meghann. I was at a pretty low point one day when the twins were infants and needed some reassurance that it would all be okay. Meghann responded and "friended" me. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Her images of kids and families blew me away. I knew I wanted her to make beautiful heirlooms for my family. She did, and when she sent me the "sneak peek," I fell in love. There were my beauties in their gorgeous dresses and bows (that incidentally Meghann had on hand for me to borrow) ready to remember forever in these breathtaking images. I will always be thankful to Meghann for taking us on and preserving such a special time for our family.  

Many thanks, Miss Meghann, and I'm so excited to help others have such treasures to capture special times in their lives and serve them for years to come. Thank you for inviting me to join you on this journey. - Rebecca